Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Your handwriting in the past..

For my lovely sister that I seldom see her face again..
Your handwriting in the past...

I found this book accidentally when I looked another book. Suddenly it felt from my desk, and wew, so much dust on it's cover. I saw your name on the inside of that book. My hand begun open the first page, until the last page.

Somehow, the only thing that made me interested is the last page of your book. I was impressed after reading your handwriting that starting "Bismillah" in Arabic letters and glad to see, it always starting with word "I" in the beginning of the sentence. It shows "You" as the subject.

So, here they are, your handwriting on the backside of the book that you lend me few years ago..

"Aku tahu rejekiku, tidak akan diambil orang, makanya, hatiku tenang..
Aku yakin amalanku, tidak akan dikerjakan oleh orang lain,
sehingga aku selalu sibukkan diriku untuk beramal..
Aku yakin Allah melihatku, makanya aku malu jika Allah melihatku bermaksiat pada-Nya..
Aku tahu kematian menantiku, karenanya aku selalu sibuk mengharapkan surga-Nya.."

I don't know  where did you get all those words, but I like it sis. That's make a sense :)
What I've wrote this, it's only a commong thing? Well, I don't care. But this is just another miracle to me and find this, still have time to remind you, remind me and everyone. Isn't it?
And I am sorry I always forget to return it. I even forget that I've borrowed this book from you ^_^ , but I promise, someday I will ^_^v

Nb: Tulisan ini dibuat kira-kira setahun yang lalu

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